Service, Service, Service…

VPCPF (Vulture Peak Custom Picture Framing) offers everything you need for your art. If you need a frame for your art or photos, we have you covered. If you need a display case for your 3D art, we have your back. Want an inexpensive way to display your grand kids’ school art, we can help. Here’s a short list of what we can do for you:

  • Frames and display cases custom-built specifically for your art
    • Help design frames & cases that make your art “Pop!”
    • Design mats (single, double or, even, triple)
    • Recommend complementary mat colors
    • Cut custom mat shapes, corners and designs
    • Evaluate glazing options from basic to archival
    • Build shadow boxes and 3D display cases
  • Repair or replace broken frames and glass
    • Stretch or re-stretch canvas
    • Replace plain glass with conservation glass
    • Replace scratched, broken or fogged glass
    • Replace old or broken hardware including stretcher bars
  • Print custom photos and art
    • Print enlargements up to 44″ wide from digital cameras & phones
    • Scan/photograph your art and convert it to a CD/DVD file
    • Accurately color match digital files for reproduction
    • Retouch, repair or re-color damaged photos